Vegan Hotel Quesadillas.

Posted: 10/10/2012 in Uncategorized
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So I’m working in Plano, Texas for a month.

Not a bad time, sans the fact it seems that I have to drive nearly four miles to get to the closest reported veg/vegan establishment.

The good part is that the company I work for is picking up the bill for the hotel(plus, if I want hummus or vegan potato salad or braised beans, it is free, no matter what time–tell me that isn’t the best job ever??) & this particular hotel is located about a half mile away from both a Trader Joe’s & a Whole Foods.  That makes cooking at the hotel easy.

So a quick grab of some tortillas, an onion & Tofurkey brats @TJ’s  and some “Vegan Cheeze” from Whole Foods(also some celebratory beer for a good job done lol) makes dinner so easy.

I start with the brats.  Throw them in a pan.  No oil.  Seriously, the oil is in the brats already.  Cook on 3/4 for a few minutes, flipping every so often.  After about three minutes, throw a quarter of a beer in the pan(I like IPA’s.).  It might steam some, but that is good.

At this point, the brats should be soft & easy to cut with the blade of the spatula.  Try to cut about 1/2″ width & continue cooking until the beer is gone.

Heat a large pan for 30 seconds & throw a tortilla into it.  Put about a cup of Cheeze in a thin layer on it followed by a quarter of a white onion diced.  Let the Cheeze somewhat melt & throw the sliced vegan brats on, wherever is good.

Throw desired seasoning(I love oregano) on the full tortilla & then fold it in half.  Flip it after about a minute.  Probably the easiest vegan quesadilla you have ever made.  Enjoy!!

Postscript:  if you add BBQ this becomes heaven.

Also:  You are probably going to get quite a few of these posts simply because I reside in a hotel until late October.  My day off(yes, singular, but once more, free hummus!!) I will cover the vegan shops around the area.  Let me know if you want a place checked out;  I’d be more than happy to go on a daytrip endeavor!

Cheers & Much Love,



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