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Vegan Lasagna

Posted: 25/12/2012 in Uncategorized
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Hope the holidays are treating everyone well!

Last night I decided to endeavor on my first run at vegan style lasagna.  My partner’s mother always makes a vegetarian lasagna for the holidays & it is outstanding, so I wanted to make the holiday special for my partner & try something similar(we are in a different state this year).

I took a look online for recipes, but I had a relatively limited ingredient list in the kitchen, so a bit of tweaking was in order.  My form of tweaking was to leave the recipe page & try myself(always had a bit of luck with that).

Ok.  Start with a large pot.

Dice 2 medium onions, mince 3 small carrots, and slice 8-10 mushrooms.  Put those in the pot with a bit of olive oil & a teaspoon of salt and let cook on 7/10 heat until soft.

While that’s going down, mince up a whole jalapeno(don’t be scared), a bell pepper, and about 5 cloves of garlic(again, don’t be scared).

Throw a 16 oz. can of tomato puree into the onion/carrot/shroom mix, fill the can half full of water, and add that(you want a bit more of a watery sauce as an end result).  Turn the heat to low.

Spices.  I love them.

Add a tablespoon salt, two tables of basil, a table of oregano, and a table of rosemary.

Or just do what I do & add until it tastes awesome(the measurements above are pretty close).

Add the minced peppers & garlic, cover & let simmer.

Grab another pot, put some water & salt into it, & boil that.  Add lasagna noodles.

Turn the oven to 400 degrees.

Dice two large tomatoes(like adding them last b/c it makes the sauce taste massively fresh) & add to your newly-fresh sauce.

Once the noodles are just flexible but obviously not cooked fully(about 8 minutes), throw them in a colander.

Grab a large deep pan & throw some sauce in to cover the bottom.  Layer noodles on top of that, then Tofutti vegan ricotta cheese, then more sauce & layer however you want it.  I only used an 8 oz. cup of the cheese over two layers and a bit for the top.  On the very top, add an 8 oz. bag of Daiya vegan mozzarella cheese and spread around.

You’re ready for the oven(the lasagna.  Stop trying to fit yourself into the damned oven.).

Put the lasagna into the oven & heat it for about 20-30 minutes(I used a toothpick to prod the noodles for cooking measure).

Throw some sprinkles of basil & rosemary on top as its cooling.

Give it about ten minutes.


Yum factory right here.

Yum factory right here.

You’re welcome.

It wasn’t quite as good as Mom’s, but it was definitely awesome.  I was definitely stoked that I could manage a vegan transition from her vegetarian version.  For a first attempt, I’m massively happy, and we were both stuffed.

Enjoy the holidays!!