Macrobiotics, New Puppies, & New Year’s Eve Hangover Savers

Posted: 31/12/2013 in Uncategorized
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Hello there, I hope the holidays are treating you right so far!

This year we traveled up to Ohio for the holidays with our families, which can be tough somewhat, being that we are literally a thousand miles away & so it seems that we are at a distance where they can’t see our week-to-week progression through life(though we do keep them up to date via phone calls).  It isn’t usually so tough when it comes to vegan food options; my partner’s parents are vegan & vegetarian and mine ask for specific items to buy(I typically make it easy on them & tell them hummus or veggie plates).  My family is pretty anti-kale(might have been the way they tried to cook it we suggested), but got me a cooking with kale cookbook anyway.  Just gives you an idea of where I’m coming from.  I deal with a lot of silly vegan jokes from my family, and I just laugh at the jokesters, not necessarily the jokes.  Then I give them a bit of information that surprises them on how beneficial a plant based diet really is for you.

Just remember that if anyone is poking fun at your veganism/vegetarianism/choices in life–laugh at them just enough to make them believe that you are laughing with them, and then enlighten them just a bit.  If they aren’t responsive to that tidbit of information, just continue laughing at them & don’t ever let anyone persuade you to think you are doing something wrong when you know in your heart that it is right.  Just be.

That’s our holiday in a nutshell.  Now we are back in Florida & enjoying tons of vegan options & warmer, sunny weather.

But that’s not why we are here, is it?

I’m here today because of a newer obsession–Macrobiotics.

Pretty cool stuff overall.  I was at a taproom recently and a new friend started telling me about his experiences at a certain Macrobiotic institute where he learned so many cool new things about food & the spiritual/scientific background of it all.  The really cool stuff is that it is all pretty much one big thing–not just spiritual, not just scientific, not just food, & not just a way of life–it’s all of it put together(at least from what I have gathered in our conversation & then further reading into the subject matter).

If anyone that reads this has any input on Macrobiotics, I’d love to hear it(especially if you know of any specialists in the north Florida area).  I’m definitely still learning myself, and always will be, but this is really something I’d love to get a better dialogue on.

Oh yeah, and right before we left for Ohio, we adopted a new part of our family:

His name is Little Baby Alec Burrito Baldwin, or Alec BB for short.

His name is Little Baby Alec Burrito Baldwin, or Alec BB for short.

He definitely fell asleep on my lap while I was working on some art yesterday.  We do have another adopted family member who you may know as Cinder:

She's a bright one, & quite a smiley pup too.

She’s a bright one, & quite a smiley pup too.

Cinder has been part of our family for four years now & has needed a companion for when we are out at work.  She shows a bit of separation anxiety & is quite a hyperactive friend.  Now that the two of them are together, getting them acclimated to each other is the next process.

One is a morning pup, the other not so much.  Guess which is which.

One is a morning pup, the other not so much. Guess which is which.

We’ve definitely given Cinder a lot more love, knowing she is probably thinking this is her replacement.  I don’t think she is necessarily showing signs of trepidation at the fact, just more along the lines of a jealous thing.  Not because of the attention, either.  Probably because in Alec BB’s potty training process, he gets to knowingly defecate on the carpet & get into much less trouble than Cinder.  Or I’m just reading into it too much & Cinder is just temporarily depressed that she isn’t the only baby.  The main thing is to show them both love & not play favorites.

Which we aren’t.

Alec BB just happens to be sleeping in my lap against my will.  So now I have to take a lot of breaks to pet & brush Cinder.

Enough of that cuteness though….

New Year’s Eve is tonight, are you celebrating?

If you are, that typically makes you more prone to the morning bug tomorrow, typically known in layman’s as a hangover.  I’ll spare you the Hangover movie .jpg & get right to it.

If you are trying to alleviate or avoid a hangover, here are some options you should try either the morning of or the night before(after drinking, of course).

Water.  Lots of water.  Alcohol takes it away from your body, being a diuretic of a sort, so put that stuff that composes something like 98% of your body back.  That might explain dryness of skin too, but I can’t be positive on that, just my own observation.

Fruit juice or smoothies.  Your body’s metabolism will speed up with the sugars in these, so it will give the bum’s rush to any hangover(I’ve always heard tomato juice is really good because of the vitamin B you lose during drinking as well–might give you an excuse for a bloody mary, just make sure they make it without Worchestershire sauce, that is essentially anchovie ketchup).

Bananas & potatoes(skin on).  Have a banana, they pack a potassium punch & are a great start to any day.   Make some homemade hashed browns with the skin on, they are good too!  Plus they might get some of that grease to your body that it is craving, coating a stomach & making it less upset.

Sports drinks.  We used to drink a 32 ounce bottle of Gatorade before going to sleep & woke up with no hangover at all.  That was back around the college days, so I’m pretty sure hangovers were non-existent considering the constant BAC running through our veins.  I have to be more careful with my brain & liver now.

That’s just a few ideas to keep you going into 2014 without too much pain.  That’s about it from me, still working on a bunch of recipes, so I have a ton of subject matter to delve into soon for some easy vegan tastiness.  Be safe out there & enjoy the rest of the year!

I still have an Alec BB sleeping on my lap.


  1. Cute pups! 🙂 I want to hug them all!

  2. Laura says:

    I’m taking an easy night tonight – so hopefully not enough alcohol for a hangover, but if I do, these tips are great! Happy New Year!

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