Kicking Caffeine & Curried Black Eyed Peas

Posted: 10/02/2014 in Uncategorized
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Well, I’m officially wired.

Beyond belief.

From one cup of tea.

Not a bad thing.

I used to start my day with an entire pot of coffee(& often end them late night with more coffee, working on sketches at a diner).  I didn’t quite mind it, just because I never really developed any of those physical ailments that would dissuade me from drinking the stuff.  The only thing that I think was a point of concern is that coffee didn’t get me that caffeine high anymore.  I had maybe become used to it, maybe that was my homeostasis–a pot of coffee made me normal.  It seems I’m not alone, considering the lines at the chain coffee shops now.

I’m done with that though.

I wanted to be able to actually feel the caffeine, not just drink it like water.  Plus it’s a bit healthier to limit the caffeine intake, so I’m told.

I’m about as speedy as a squirrel chasing a jar of peanut butter anyway.

Now I’ve never had a problem cutting things completely and abruptly out of my life.  I stopped smoking cigarettes over two years ago, going from a pack a day to nothing.  I stop consuming sugar from time to time, and prefer to keep sweets to a minimum.  There was a “killsugar” hashtag on Twitter that I was following for a bit;  it’s helpful if you want to stop eating sugar & feel a bit better(I still LOVE vegan cupcakes.).  I will stop drinking alcohol every so often too, it helps to reassure myself that I don’t have cravings for it as much as I enjoy it.  You can’t let something rule you.  Unless it’s vegan pizza.  That is okay(It’s still not, but it’s a good semi-vice to have).

Concern grew over the fact that a caffeine headache would ruin quite a few of my days if I just stopped altogether.

So I started diminishing caffeine from the diet slowly, just a cup less every couple of days, then to light teas, and then interchanging naturally decaffeinated tea with caffeinated tea on an every other day basis.  That finally got me to just decaf tea in the morning eventually, and I stuck with that for a few weeks.

Now, whenever I have a coffee, I am EFFICIENT.  I get so much done in so little time it’s insane.  I love it.

Plus I have a giant appreciation for all kinds of teas with a couple slices of ginger in the water–so good.

But that’s just the way I went about it.  It might save you money as well….I know those chain coffee shops can get expensive!

Okay, so I was a bit late with the black eyed peas, but this recipe goes well all year round.  It’s great in cold weather because it warms you up, awesome in hot weather because it opens capillaries & cools you down!  Here’s a pic:

Pure yumminess.

Pure yumminess.

With the black eyed peas–I like to soak pretty much all of my dried beans & peas for about twelve hours, drain, rinse, and then cook until they are soft(black eyed peas are awesome on the slightly overcooked side).

Okay, so start out heating about a tablespoon of oil in a pan around medium high.  Dice a medium sized yellow onion & two cloves of garlic, then throw them in the oil.  Toss them around in the oil & cook until they are close to translucent.   Add a few sliced mushrooms into the mix too, it makes for an awesome multi-textured meal.

Next, add a can of coconut milk, stir the onion & garlic into it and add a cup of water.  Put a tablespoon of curry powder & a teaspoon of chili powder in there, mix, and let it all simmer for a few minutes.  If you really want to get crazy, grate about a teaspoon of fresh ginger in there too-that really sets it off.  Put the cooked beans into the mix & let that all simmer for about five minutes.  Take it off the heat and add about a tablespoon of minced fresh cilantro into the mix or on top.

Serve this on top of some jasmine rice, and you are about to be in the clouds.

If you like it spicy, try it with some minced Thai peppers, or cut a slice in the pepper & cook with the mix above for a couple of minutes.

Easy, right?  Also, it’s insanely good for you.

I could eat this almost every day, but I can’t today–I’m about to try to bake some falafel for tonight!  Enjoy & have a great couple of weeks!


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