Embrace the Weird. Embrace the Pups.

Posted: 24/02/2015 in Uncategorized
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There’s a lot of times where I’ve got random things in the refrigerator that don’t really make sense together.

That can be fun though.

You can put together things that aren’t really things that you would think would be awesome, but with a little tweaking, with a little creativity, you get something in the end result that makes a delicious new thing.

I do that all of the time.

Sometimes it works.

Well, actually it works most of the time.  I don’t really give up on recipes I try to make up.  I just keep adding things until they all go together.

I mean, who likes throwing away food?

The pups like it when I have to throw away food.  That’s about it.

In any case, I had a bunch of garbanzo beans that I had cooked off because I wanted to make a little hummus.  Which means I had some garbanzo beans left over.  There was one beet in the refrigerator that I didn’t want to go bad, some carrots, an onion, parts of jalapeno, a container of quinoa, you know…just random stuff.  That happen to go in the fridge.

So I put stuff together.



I basically put together these things in a bowl:

1C cooked quinoa, 2C pulse-chopped garbanzo beans, a small carrot(cut matchstick), a clove of garlic(minced), half of a yellow onion(minced), a peeled & diced beet, half of a jalapeno(minced), 2T nutritional yeast, 1t sea salt, 1/4t celery seed, 1/2C rice flour, 1/2C water, & 2T olive oil.

That will make a good patty for either pan-fried patties or baked pseudo-pizza.  Or even croquettes.  I did them all, just to try it out.

The patties were pretty good & went well on the biscuit recipe I’ve been playing around with.

I greased a pan & baked a larger patty in an oven at 350F for a half an hour, topped it with the hummus & pan-seared some kimchi I had made a little earlier in the month.

It looked like this:

This is the only time I've eaten pizza with a fork in my recent recollection.

This is the only time I’ve eaten pizza with a fork in my recent recollection.

You can use any hummus & kimchi, I’m sure, but this was delicious in any capacity.  I’d like to call it a “happy tummy pizza.”

The next morning, I decided to try to put the rest of the mix in a cupcake tin & bake it for the same amount of time & temperature.  You know, just to make little pizzas.

I made croquettes instead.

Breakfast noms.

Breakfast noms.

It’s just a dab of hummus on top of one of the flipped patties with some chiffonade-cut basil.


I think I ate five of these things.

That’s the fun of the kitchen though, never give up & play around with the things you have.  You don’t always have to make traditional foods or recipes to make a fantastic dish, and you should never just settle for normalcy.

That’s about it for me, I’ve got to get this vegan habanero cheddar set.

Pictures of pups to embrace:

"I don't always ______, but when I do, I _______."

“I don’t always ______, but when I do, I _______.”

So much cute.

So much cute.

Running around the park on the coldest day in Florida's recent history.

Running around the park on the coldest day in Florida’s recent history.

It's almost like he's staring into your soul.

It’s almost like he’s staring into your soul.

Have a great week everyone!


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