MY GAWD IT’S BEEN A YEAR AND A FEW MONTHS. Also, Baked Tempeh. The Pups Haven’t Aged Either.

Posted: 20/10/2017 in Uncategorized
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It’s been a long time.  Sorry about that.

I blame a year-long bender or something or maybe writer’s block or….

Meh, who cares.

I blame Rick & Morty.

Anyway, I made some pretty delicious tempeh strips the other day that warrant a recipe.  I only took a picture of the after effects(sorry!!!).

These things were insane.

So they’re baked tempeh strips with some sweet & spicy mustard dipping sauce.

Start with tempeh.  Cut strips at whatever size you want.  I did around 3/4″ by 4″.  If you want tempeh nuggets, cut them into nugget size.  It’s your deal & I don’t want to harsh anyone’s style.

Set your oven at 450F.

Dip the tempeh strips in soy milk.  While that’s going on, mix 2C Flour, 1T Onion Powder, 1/2T Garlic Powder, & 1/2 T Salt.  Put several droplets of the milk in the flour mix, then mix them around so there are a bunch of flour “flakes”…you’ll thank me later.

Toss the tempeh in the flour mixture, then have a bowl of oil at the ready.  Toss them around in the oil and then back in the flour mix.  If you want more flaky crust, repeat the milk/flour/oil/flour fun.

Have a lightly greased pan for the strips/nuggets/cutlets/whatever you wanted to make from the tempeh ready to go in the oven.  Let them go 20 minutes, flip, then go another 20 minutes.  If they aren’t brown enough, go longer.  Powder with a little pepper at the end for some good spice.

Big learning deal here folks:  put them in the center of the oven.  First time I tried this, I had them on the top rack(I again blame Rick & Morty) & put a little char on them with some rookie ignorance.  Maybe just keep an eye on them, just not the ol’ “pot never boils” eye.

For the mustard:

This one’s a toughy.

1/4C brown mustard

1T agave

1/2T sriracha

Mix that & put your strips in it.

That makes for some happy pups.  Well, happy pup pictures.  Here you go.

This is actually him grumpy.

This is actually her dopey.

WHERE ARE THE OTHER FIVE DWARFS??? We’re going on a walk.

That’s it.

Sorry again for the long break.

I can’t really blame it on much other than I’ve been working a lot & helping to organize this year’s Veg Fest in Jacksonville.  It’s been a crazy amount of work and fun and just enlightening.  I really feel for event organizers, especially those that make events happen a lot….it’s kind of stressful.  But fun.

Come visit if you’re around, it’s happening November 11, 2017 in Riverside Park.  It’ll be a fun time.  If you want to read more, check out or the Facebook page at

I can’t seem to stress it enough, but it isn’t the regular Veg Fest that goes on here.  The regular got cancelled and so we’re filling in for it.

Seems like the right thing to do, especially considering it’s kind of a thing that we should have a few times a year at least.

I have to get the vegan cordon bleu out of the oven now.  I’ll have a couple of pictures next time:)


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